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Motmans & Partners focuses entirely on you. We use all our knowledge and passion to guide you toward that one perfect professional match, so you can keep growing. We do this by immersing ourselves completely in your story.

Everything starts with a good conversation, but we go beyond our gut feeling. Far beyond. The advice you get from us is your guaranteed route to success. And that’s a promise!


We are highly driven to make you succeed, but we ask for the exact same thing in return. We can only make the most of your strengths if you show the same drive and passion. Openness, honesty and transparency are crucial if we are to pursue a unique solution together — and that works both ways. This is the only way we can turn your ambition into effective growth.

Hr on demand: extra support is on the way!

The lives of HR employees are anything but easy. Staff are highly dependent on their administrative skills, and the pressure is always on. On top of that, HR employees must always be fully up to date with the latest tax and legal developments. With HR on demand, we can take a huge load off their shoulders.

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About motmans

We are a full service HR partner for family businesses, SMEs, locally based multinationals and companies in the public sector, operating all over Belgium.

Motmans & Partners uses modern and progressive methods to search for the ideal match between company and talent, with an emphasis on high-level profiles, from senior employees to executives. In addition, we offer specific talent development solutions and help companies to fine-tune and develop their organisational structure and operations, always with the long term in mind.

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"We know how you think, because we've been on both sides of the desk."
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