Your company may be growing rapidly, or despite your best efforts, you may need to let go of one of your employees. Whatever the situation, the time has come to attract new external talent. By relying on our successful recruitment and selection approach, you can avoid a painful, costly miss and get it right the first time.

So, what exactly does our approach involve? Thanks to our extensive experience, we quickly gain insight into how a company works, how people function within that company, and what the critical success factors are. That way, we know exactly which profile to link to your vacancy. On top of that, we know where to find those profiles — even on today’s challenging labour market.


We make the difference through our unusually extensive network of candidates, our in-depth search approach and our high-level selection tools. This unique combination guarantees successful results, time after time.

If you’re looking for knowledge workers (specialists, middle management, management or C-level), Motmans & Partners can guarantee it will find the perfect candidate. Make sure you have a look at our recruitment and selection page to find out how we can offer that guarantee.

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