Is there a coach, leader or even manager in disguise among your staff? Which employees are more comfortable in an administrative role? Who is most customer-oriented, most stress-resistant, or the ultimate figures expert? And are all your staff in the right role?

With our Development Centre, we aim for a win-win situation: how can your employees grow both professionally and personally, and how can your company grow in the long term?

As with our assessments in the recruitment and selection process, our Development Centre only uses scientifically based, reputable tests that prove their worth time and time again. Experienced assessors and psychologists help evaluate the quality of the results.

What does the process look like?

  • 1. Intake: we put all the info on the table — what exactly do you want to achieve?
  • 2. Planning: we draw up a challenging programme for the candidate, and together, we set a date for the tests.
  • 3. Tests: we start with a personality test and a screening that gauges the employee’s abilities. This is followed by a series of exercises. We’ll conclude this step with an interview.
  • 4. Report: within three working days, you will receive a report with a clear overview of current competencies and potential. The report also contains development advice and possible career paths.
  • 5. Feedback: we discuss the report in detail, and preferably, we also provide feedback to the candidates.

There’s always something new to learn: make sure you keep an eye on our training courses

How do you put together the right team? Can employer branding offer an answer to the challenge of attracting new employees? How do you handle a job interview in concrete terms? Which questions should you ask? What conclusions should you draw afterwards? Even as a senior executive or managing director, you may still find yourself in situations where you don’t have all the right answers.

Leadership trips

How do you develop into the manager or entrepreneur of the future? Watching, listening and sharing a wealth of experience with the right people might just be the first step. On our inspiring leadership trips, you will come into contact with a select group of like-minded people full of ambition. Together, you will explore the most valuable insights and ideas to further develop your modern leadership skills.

Our international leadership trips are offered as part of a new partnership: Berg Motmans & Partners.

More information

At Motmans & Partners, we regularly organise practical group training sessions with experienced speakers. Each of these sessions takes a different approach. If you’re interested in one of our sessions, be sure to register now!

If you would like more information, simply contact Sophie Bijnens on +32 11 30 35 00 or via e-mail and we’ll aim for the win together.

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