You’ve undoubtedly come across the figures at some point: filling a vacancy with the wrong candidate can cost your company tens of thousands of euros — as a minimum. That’s before we mention the amount of time lost during the search process and in training the employee in question.

Motmans & Partners offers you peace of mind: our recruitment and selection approach is the most progressive and active of its kind, and is based on a scientifically proven success formula. But to begin with, we need you.


It goes without saying that we can’t divulge the secret of our recruitment and selection method. However, we can tell you that the same three things are at the basis of every successful outcome: passion, openness and discipline. This applies to you as well as to the candidates. Of course, you can expect exactly the same from us.


 When we talk about openness, you can take that very literally. We will approach you for an initial intake interview. First of all, we’ll listen to your story.

What exactly does the role you’re looking to fill entail? What do you expect from your future employee? Where do the decisive success factors lie in this role? We don’t just ask the obvious questions. We’ll ask you to share the culture, structure, communication and decision-making processes within your company, as well as the profile of the manager the talent to be recruited will line into. Only then can we start our search for the right candidate — a quest that will hopefully lead to a durable solution.


The Motmans & Partners recruitment and selection process will demand quite a bit of your time and energy. Of course, we will work just as hard on our side. Our active search efforts are unique in the sector and are based on a clear perspective on how the current labour market works and evolves.

Once we have completed the recruitment part, we screen the different candidates. Not through random guesswork or on gut feeling, but through scientifically based tools and assessments that are guaranteed to produce a durable outcome.


  • An intake process that goes far beyond the obvious questions about knowledge and experience.
  • A comprehensive search process: we look for candidates both online and offline. Our active search efforts form the basis of our approach. Our network of candidates is exceptionally vast. If it’s appropriate to do so, we will use ads or social media campaigns in support of our search. Through multiple touchpoints, we increase the effectiveness of our proactive search.
  • Custom expertise: we deploy the right consultants to your recruitment and selection process. The right sector experience and affinity with the relevant profile guarantee an effective search process.
  • Transparency: you’ll receive a transparent and clear weekly update on the progress of the search.
  • High-quality selection: we filter the candidates using scientifically based methodologies and through tried and tested assessment tools.
  • Personal approach: we ensure your employer branding is upheld by keeping every candidate informed from start to finish, even if they are not what we’re looking for.
  • Honest feedback: we don’t mince our words; our feedback will enable you to you draw the right conclusions.
  • Multidisciplinary approach:if you need additional services, such as legal assistance, we can help you by bringing in one of our experienced partners.
  • Result! If we are not 100% certain, we will not give positive advice on a candidate. This green light comes with an effective guarantee of six months. Plus: we will not slow down until you find the right candidate.

You will soon notice that well-considered investment in human capital also takes the rest of your company to a higher level. That’s because we continue to put your best interest first in everything we do.


If you’d like to contact our recruitment and selection department, feel free to call +32 11 30 35 00 or send us an e-mail.

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