We know better than anyone how to spot talent and develop it to its full potential, whether it is an existing employee, a free agent on the job market or the future owner of your company. At Motmans & Partners, we turn high stakes into maximum profit opportunities. How can we make sure your company takes the spoils?

We’re not bluffing — quite the contrary. Each part of our talent development is based on the same success factors: an open intake interview, clear planning, high-quality tests and extensive reporting and feedback. Read on to find out more about our five talent development centres.

Assessment centre

Taking a gamble on the wrong person can cost your company tens of thousands of euros. It’s in your interest for us to achieve the best possible results straightaway during our search for a suitable future employee. That’s why we use a clear tactic to identify the ultimate strengths of your potential asset. From intake interview to extensive feedback: we do not play this game blindfolded.

In addition, we check whether the candidate’s competencies are fully in line with your expectations and corporate culture. We do this by means of exclusive, scientifically based training courses and tools: reasoning tests, intelligence tests, personality tests, presentation exercises, business cases, role plays — you name it.

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Development centre

What’s the biggest prize you can win as a company? Getting the most out of every employee — a potential manager might be hiding in the least obvious of places. Our Development Centre helps your people grow in the position that suits them best within your company. Once again, we will guide them through an exact process that is fully based on our top-level scientific tools and exercises.

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Selfie centre

What do your current employees need to make the most of themselves within your company? On the basis of several clear tests, we can help your employees put together a custom self-portrait. A selfie, so to speak, with all their strengths and weaknesses. They can use the outcome to draw up a personal development plan, which in turn can guide them in their further development within your company. The Selfie Centre is fully compliant with the VDAB career vouchers scheme.

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Leadership centre

Your managers are there to lead and provide guidance, but they too can learn. The choice is yours: do you spread your chips haphazardly over various training courses, workshops and coaching sessions? Or are you going all-in down the path to guaranteed victory? Our Leadership Centre maps the strengths and areas for improvement of your managers. That way, we can make them even stronger, so that everyone in your company wins in the end.

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Succession centre

Your business won’t stay in your hands forever. At the end of your career, do you pull the lever and pray for a winning combination? Or do you rule out all risks and hand the business you’ve built with your blood, sweat and tears to the ideal candidate in total peace of mind? We analyse the key functions within your company and identify that one worthy successor.

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More information

Which of these talent development centres do you believe could be crucial to ensure the smooth running of your business? Contact Sophie Bijnens on +32 11 30 35 00 or via e-mail and we’ll go for the win together.

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