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No room for bluff poker

Every new recruitment for your company feels like you’re going all-in. The wrong person in the wrong place will cost you tens of thousands of euros. We secure your choice with the Assessment Centre. We will sketch you a crystal clear picture of your potential newest acquisition. We can also do the same with your current employees. The ultimate goal: to be sure of your business and cash in on your bet in the long term.

Putting new talent in the right position and maximising the development of existing human capital in your company. That is what the Assessment Centre guarantees your company. How? By leaving absolutely nothing to chance.

Five steps to the jackpot

In order to guarantee maximum results, it is important that each party clearly shows their hand. Only by working together openly and transparently will we achieve the desired success. Each process in the Assessment Centre consists of five phases.

  1. Intake interview: how does your company function? What culture reigns within the company walls? This information enables us to draw up a clear profile. We also thoroughly go through the position and the associated competencies.
  2. Planning: are all competencies fixed? Then we draw up a schedule and set a date for the tests.
  3. Testing: we start with a personality test and a screening that gauges the (future) employee’s abilities. This is followed by a series of exercises and an interview.
  4. Report: you will receive a report with the scores and explanations for each competency within three working days. We will also give you a positive or negative final recommendation.
  5. Feedback: of course, we will give you an explanation of the report. If you wish, we can also meet with the candidates separately.


Ready to bet on us? Contact Sophie Bijnens on +32 11 30 35 00 or via

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