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Get the most out of your managers

Managers in companies have an extensive range of tasks and an enormous responsibility. Not only do they have to help the people in their team flourish and grow, they are also responsible for analysing, organising, devising concepts, and making decisions. But are the right managers in the right place in your company? And where will tomorrow’s managers quietly appear? The Leadership Centre increases your profit opportunities for the future.  

How do you make your current managers stronger? They play a crucial role in the daily operation of your company. That’s a question we can answer better than the rest.

 What does a process within the Leadership Centre look like?

In four steps, we find out precisely what your company needs to make its managers flourish and successfully put this information into practice.

  1. Intake interview: what do you expect from your manager(s)? Tell us all about your corporate culture, your approach, and your daily operations.
  2. Testing: time to get to work. An extensive testing phase awaits your managers. We subject them to a personality test and a screening to determine their abilities. This is followed by exercises and interactive role-plays on management and leadership. We conclude with a motivational and competency-based interview.
  3. Report: what are your managers’ highest and lowest scoring aspects? We will provide you with a detailed overview. We will also provide you with an extensive management profile that you can use immediately.
  4. Feedback: discuss the results in detail afterwards, both with you and with the managers. If desired, we can also work out tailor-made training programmes.


Ready to transform your managers into top-class managers? We are happy to start up a project for your company in the Leadership Centre. Contact Motmans & Partners on +32 11 30 35 00 or via motmans@motmansenpartners.be.

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