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Who’s allowed to continue your life’s work?

You’ve been avoiding it all these years, but now is the time to transfer your business. Will one of your family members take care of your blood, sweat, and tears or will you choose another internal or even external solution? The Succession Centre helps you hand over your life’s work with peace of mind. 

To whom do you pass on your precious chips? Who knows better than anyone when they’ve overplayed their hand? When can and may they bluff to achieve the necessary result?

Succession Centre: anything but a guess

We’re not going to wing it when it comes to determining your successor. We gather as much information as possible in order to optimise our advantage opportunities. We do this in five important steps:

  1. Intake interview: we get to know your company inside and out. You tell us about your management method and explain the key positions.
  2. Planning: how well does your candidate score in terms of management? We put together an agenda and schedule targeted tests.
  3. Testing: we give the candidate a personality test and examine their competencies and abilities. This is followed by management and leadership exercises. Lastly, we carry out a motivational and competency-based interview.
  4. Report: red or green light? You will receive our findings and recommendations within three working days. The report also contains development advice and an extensive management profile that you can use immediately.
  5. Feedback: we go over the report together in detail. We also provide extensive feedback to the candidate.


It’s up to you to pull the lever and get the reels spinning. We promise you that we will look – with the utmost respect and patience – for that one perfect person to whom you can hand over your company full of beautiful memories. Please contact us via or by calling +32 11 30 35 00 and we will be happy to help you.

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