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In the framework of its Industrial Research Fund (IOF) and in support of applied research the Antwerp University Association (AUHA) is seeking a full-time valorisation Manager. The valorization manager of the IOF consortium InSusChem is the contact person for the consortium. He/she establishes and follows up on the strategy and roadmap for the technological and strategic support of innovative projects and valorization of its research results. It is a consortium clustering 14 professors and their teams around integrated scientific and technological knowledge in sustainable chemistry and materials. The consortium focuses on sustainable, circular chemical production through efficient and alternative energy and feedstock use, realised by new chemical pathways, technologies, reactors and materials. In addition, cross-cutting integrated enablers are present, providing expertise and essential support through computer simulation, techno-economic and environmental impact assessment and uncertainty analysis.


The goals of the IOF (industrial research fund) are to stimulate the interaction between the association and industry and to build up a portfolio of applied knowledge. 

Your key mission is:

  • To support and develop opportunities for industrial driven projects and to initiate, coordinate and drive the growth of the valorisation of the consortium. 
  • You translate the needs from industry in (multidisciplinary) research projects by bringing the expertise of the researchers in InSusChem together with the aim to stimulate the contractual collaboration (bilateral, multilateral and via governmental oriented support of innovation in industry) and valorisation in sustainable chemistry. 
  • You follow up on the project portfolio in the valorisation domain of sustainable chemistry and materials.
  • The coordinated steering of the consortium in consultation with the involved professors and researchers is part of your tasks. You will therefore have an important role in supporting them in obtaining collaborative projects oriented to valorisation and its coinciding financing.
  • You will collaborate with industry to explore opportunities for new research topics with the aim of capitalising upon the existing expertise in the research consortium. 
  • Constructing and writing (part of) the project proposals on a national and international level is therefore an aspect of your tasks. 
  • You build out the growth of the strategy, roadmap and collaboration of the consortium. You become the point of contact for the InSusChem consortium for internal and external stakeholders.
  • You see opportunities for collaboration originating from a broad knowledge profile. Based on an industrial context you see collaboration opportunities. 
  • You also support the researchers in identifying valorisation processes for their research results.
  • At UAntwerpen you will work closely together with the other valorisation managers,  research managers, the legal department and other experts. You will stimulate from within the IOF consortium (interdisciplinary) collaboration with other faculties/departments/research groups of the university, as well as with the university colleges belonging to the association (AUHA), and create national and international collaborative networks.

You consolidate and expand the research consortium from a valorisation management perspective with the aim of: 

  • stimulating co-operation with industry 
  • building up a knowledge and IP portfolio of potential interest to industry.
  • exploring new opportunities for collaboration and valorization

In summary, your efforts will be focused on industrial valorisation of innovative research results and technologies obtained within the consortium aiming to contribute to the IOF-parameters of the association (AUHA): doctorates (P1), A1-publications and citations (P2), industrial collaborations (P3), EU funding (P4), patents (P5) and spin-offs (P6). The focus for the valorisation manager is situated on P3, P4, P5 and P6.

Functie eisen

  • You have a master diploma  in a chemical engineering domain, chemistry or material chemistry and 5 years of relevant experience. A PhD in the domain of sustainable chemistry and materials is not required but is regarded as an asset, as well as research experience in industry.
  • You combine a broad scientific interest in sustainable chemistry with a pronounced appreciation for valorisation of research results.
  • You are proactive and driven to facilitate the collaboration between researchers from academia and industrial partners.
  • You have an active interest in groundbreaking scientific research in the topic of sustainable chemistry and materials.
  • Experience in attracting external research funding from the private and public sector in the domain of applied research on national and international level is desirable.
  • You have experience in valorising research in collaboration with industry or the private sector in a strong innovation oriented environment. Relevant work experience in both academic and industrial research is a strong asset.
  • Knowledge of technology transfer processes needed to valorise academic research as well as experience in managing a broad project portfolio is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of negotiating, IP skills and business development is important.
  • Experience with EU projects and the related administration, as well as with various aspects of property rights management is recommended.
  • You have a profound insight in the innovative ecosysem in which you will work.
  • You provide coaching and training in valorisation aspects for the young team members in the consortium. Experience in daily management of chemical project teams as well as a network in the broad ecosystem of the (industrial) chemical sector are an asset.
  • You are a proactive networker and bring a relevant network.
  • You have an excellent entrepreneurial spirit and have the required communicative and administrative skills. 
  • You are a team player, quality-oriented, friendly, honest, creative, flexible, proactive, fluent in communication and collaborative.
  • You have an active knowledge of English and good knowledge of MS Office software.



  • a dynamic and stimulating environment;
  • the possibility to evolve to the key contact person in the consortium InSusChem that aims to valorize, as a team of academics, its research in the topic of sustainable chemistry and materials in collaboration with (chemical) industry;
  • a permanent contract;
  • a full time gross monthly salary depending on your the academic qualifications and professional experience;
  • flexible working hours;


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